Jayce Daemon

About Us

About Us

Have you ever seen someone wearing a suit in a movie or magazine and thought to yourself, “I want to look like that”? Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of the timeless, iconic fits of a James Bond or Bruce Wayne. But you don’t need to be a movie star or an A-list celebrity to look like one. How you’re perceived starts with how you carry yourself. What clothes you decide to put on your body can reveal a lot about you. How you choose to express yourself through your style should be as authentic and unique as you are.

No two people are the same. This is especially true when picking the right suit for you. Since we all come in different shapes, sizes, and proportions, what we wear should be made to uniquely cater to our sensibilities, taste, and personality. Off the rack simply won’t cut it. Even with extensive (and expensive) tailoring, nothing can match the look and feel of a suit specifically designed from scratch just for you.

By now, you might already be convinced that a custom luxury suit is right for you, but the price may not be. This is what makes Jayce Daemon truly unique. We’re dedicated to ensuring A-list fashion quality for all of our products at a reasonable price to you. We offer unlimited customization per suit with no change in price or additional fees. Now, it may not be as cheap as what you’re used to at your local department store, but you can be sure that when you buy Jayce Daemon, you’re getting your money’s worth for a customized luxury experience at a fraction of the usual price.

Our Mission

Bringing you designer fashion at a fraction of the price. At Jayce Daemon, each suit is created from scratch with the best known materials and the finest craftsmanship to deliver the perfect fit for you. What you wear is a declaration to the world of who you are. Let it speak to the best in you. You’ll know from the moment you put on a Jayce Daemon suit that you can never go back.

Your Summarized Process

Don’t have time to fly to London or Milan for the perfect suit? No problem. We come to you. Your vision begins with determining your unique fit. We take the most detailed measurements of your body to create a template suit to then fit the finished product exactly to your body. Then, you choose from the most luxurious fabrics and personalize your suit from what size lapel you want, to how many pockets you need. No details are spared. Within 3-5 weeks you’ll finally have your custom made suit, precisely designed around your body down to the millimeter, that lets the world know who you are.