Jayce Daemon


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

For a first time client we first need to perfect your fitting with your muslin/mold process which takes 3 weeks. Once your profile is perfected any suit from then on is a 3-4 week production.

there’s no technology which can substitute our unique fitting method which delivers YOUR perfect fit. Because if we were the same as everyone else we’d do a one time fitting and explain to you why we think it’s perfect but it’s not our suit, it’s yours!

The reason we do a muslin fitting is so YOU see the way you look and feel in the ideal fit. Also, we never want to touch your final design and expensive cloth, so once you confirm you like your muslin fit you’ll never have to alter.
If you gain or loose weight/muscle we will edit your profile and create new perfect garments to your new posture for your future orders.
Each one of our garments is custom made specifically for you, we cannot offer full refunds. However, we are 100% committed to working with you until you are fully satisfied.
Typically we require full payment before the start of production. However if your a first time client we understand and therefor only 50 percent is required up front, and the remaining 50 percent by the following fitting.
Quality- Our suits last in perfect condition for a minimum of 3 years+ Detail- we’ll offer your perfect details to bring out your unique personality. Fitting process- It doesn’t get better than our technique and experience (As mentioned above).
Yes, but we can’t read your mind, so please show your stylist a photo so we can make sure we know exactly what you’d like and how you want to be betrayed.
We are always improving and changing to what our clients want and need. We therefor are always sourcing from all over the world such as England, Italy, China, and Belgium.